The brand Berndes

For fun with quality and good cooking!

The BERNDES brand has a long tradition. We focus on the high-quality positioning of the products on offer, which are highly valued in many countries around the world. BERNDES convinces not least also by the worldwide appreciated and well-known label "Made in Germany" due to a production partly taking place in Germany. For over 97 years, we have been bringing together the best materials with timelessly elegant design for more pleasure in quality and good cooking - because fun is the most important ingredient in every dish!

To continue to be successful in the future, we are devoting ourselves more to the things that distinguish our products: attention to detail and unique quality. Both are product features that we need to make our customers happy. Because only in this way can a brand exist and grow on the market. We have always drawn a large part of our motivation from the many positive customer reactions we receive from all over the world. In a nutshell: Simply good cooking with BERNDES! Three essential characteristics are of great importance for our brand - we live these values and our customers appreciate that:


Since 1921, quality has made the difference - and this now proverbial BERNDES quality does not come about by chance, but as a result of decades of experience and continuous research. At the same time, we remain authentic, down-to-earth and true to our roots, i.e. reliable quality that can be trusted without any ifs and buts.

Our customers' feedback is always important to drive product development and further improve quality and durability.
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Innovative is BERNDES by tradition. Because the development of ever new and ever better sealing techniques and manufacturing processes of qualitatively outstanding cookware have made BERNDES famous. Intelligent detailed solutions and an exciting yet timeless design have always characterised BERNDES products and will continue to make every single pot and pan a piece of innovative tradition for your kitchen! Or would you have known that:
BERNDES brought the first non-stick pan onto the market back in the 60s. Even before the actual release, intensive experiments with non-stick coatings were carried out for a long time. Since then, this has made BERNDES a specialist in non-stick coatings.
In 1975, a series made of cast aluminium with non-stick coating was created for the first time, setting new qualitative standards. The result: the constantly further developed 
BERNDES BONANZA® pan is still one of our top sellers today.
BERNDES brings a trend into kitchens as early as 1982 with white cookware. Temporarily not in demand, white is now more fashionable than ever again. This also applies to cookware.

BERNDES used a simpler and safer system for removable handles in 2005, which is used, for example, in the VARIO CLICK INDUCTION series. This means that the products in the series are suitable without restriction for the oven and can be stored in the cupboard to save space.
Our cast aluminium cookware was classified in energy efficiency class A in 2009. This applies to products of the series 
TITANIUM SPECIAL EDITION and BONANZA®. This award is so far unique for this type of cookware, which we ve harnessed the optimum induction technology for cookware bases in 2009. This unique base for cast aluminium is characterised by its distortion-free, smooth and very hard surface in an appropriate thickness - pure innovation our cookware concept "b.double round" revolutionised the cookware market in 2014. It is two pieces (cooking pot and serving pan) that can be combined to form a cast aluminium roaster cookware. Almost no kitchen needs more cookware. The product was awarded the Design Plus Award 2015, the German Design Award 2016 and the Compasso d'Oro, among others.
The successful Bonanza series is celebrating its 40th anniversary and has also been offered with induction since 2016.
Berndes was awarded the German Brand Award in 2017 for its consistent brand management and traditional values.


Customer service

As a small company, we always listen to our customers' needs, even if they only own one of our products. We are convinced that open and honest communication with our customers is the most important thing in order to continue to convince in terms of service and customer friendliness. We produce quality that, with the right care, will provide decades of cooking pleasure. And if at any time you are not satisfied with the product or the quality, please contact us!
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