b.double roaster (high casserole + low casserole) Pro b.double 24 cm


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Berndes b.double round

Cookware has never been so innovative while keeping a real sense of tradition! Because with the b.double round not only will you experience new possibilities for cooking and preparing food, you can also rely on proven and innovative Berndes quality. Whether for braising, roasting or boiling, the new cookware b.double round can prepare food in every way. Whether used together as a roasting dish or separately as a sauté casserole or deep casserole with a glass lid, this dream team is more than just cookware, it’s a kitchen evolution!


b.double round highlights

Volume: deep casserole (4.1 litres), sauté casserole (2.5 litres)
Height deep casserole 10 cm, height sauté casserole 6.25 cm
Outer diameter: approx. 25 cm
Bottom diameter: ca. 18.6 cm
Braising, roasting and boiling in just one item of cookware
Cooking convenience in several parts: sauté casserole, pan, glass lid with silicon rim and oven gloves all included
Super-non-stick coating allowing less greasing to be used when cooking and easy cleaning
Ferromagnetic Fixtherm stainless steel base for more efficient heat distribution
Made of cast aluminium for high stability and quick heat distribution
Chic design combined with maximum functionality
Suitable for all hobs including induction
Suitable for unrestricted oven-use
8 year guarantee

Healthier cooking, roasting and braising with more intense taste

Due to the special design of the b.double round and the use of high quality materials you will cook more healthily, because you will hardly need any greasing, especially for roasting. This means you will be able to cook food in the sauté casserole even more gently, retaining more vitamins and nutrients.

Secondly, the taste of your cooking will simultaneously be more intense. Because the sophisticated design retains even more flavour when cooking meat, vegetables and fish in the pan.

When you decide on the b.double round you will combine maximum pleasure with healthy cooking!


High functionality and elegant design

The b.double round impressively proves that functionality and design are not mutually exclusive. This multi-functional cookware is equally suitable for roasting, braising and boiling and it looks good too. Finished in chic black the utensil is produced by casting. Even the black handles nestle elegantly into the body. The main attraction here is that the lid handles fit almost seamlessly into the pan handles, making the b.double round an attractively shaped and perfect roasting dish!

Cooking can be equally chic and multi-functional today!


What can I cook with the b.double round?

Cook to your heart’s content, both healthily and tastily! With the b.double round you can cook vegetables or fry fish. You can also make soups or prepare delicious sauces. Healthy casseroles and hearty Sunday roasts will also work a treat in the practical roasting dish. Just give it a try!


High-tech materials

The b.double round plays to all the strengths of Berndes. When manufacturing this cookware we use our cast aluminium procedure, which has proved itself thousands of times, combined with a highly efficient 3-layer non-stick coating. This means not only can you roast without greasing, the pan and casserole dish are also easier to clean afterwards. Incidentally, the high-tech base made of ferromagnetic stainless steel also makes the b.double round suitable for induction hobs without any problems. The b.double round is suitable for all types of use in the oven!

Boil, bake or braise to your heart’s content – and healthily with intense taste – using our multi-functional premium cookware b.double round!

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