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Oven tray 37 x 33 cm


Sauté Pan incl. glass lid Alu Recycled Induction 20,4 cm


Serving Pan with glass lid Alu Recycled Induction 24,4 cm


High casserole with glass lid Alu Recycled Induction 20,4 cm


Mini-tartelettes 11 cm, 4 pcs, set


Frypan Alu Recycled Induction 13,7 cm


Frypan Alu Recycled Induction 18,5 cm


Saucepan Alu Recycled Induction 13,1 cm


High casserole with glass lid Alu Recycled Induction 16,1 cm


Wok Pan Alu Recycled Induction 17 cm


Pizza tray 33 cm


Sauté Pan with side handle incl. glass lid Alu Recycled Induction 24,4 cm


Oven tray 29 x 25 cm


Berndes - Quality since 1921

BERNDES is your traditional German company that has stood for high-quality and sophisticated cookware since 1921. In our almost 100-year company history, we have been able to revolutionise the market for pans and pots several times. Especially in the area of non-stick coatings, BERNDES has been and still is one of the leading suppliers worldwide. Our innovations continue to have a lasting impact on the market. Our company history impressively demonstrates the power of innovation and the inventive spirit that emanates from the BERNDES brand. As early as 1975, the first cast aluminium pan was introduced by BERNDES. But that was not all, because this pan was also equipped with a non-stick coating: a revolution in the kitchen at that time!

Thus, to this day, generations of cooks at home or at work benefit from particularly easy handling and extremely easy cleaning when they use pans from BERNDES. However, we have not rested on our successes, but have constantly developed our products further in order to provide our customers with the best possible cooking experience.

Today, BERNDES stands for innovative and high-quality cookware that gives a lot of pleasure in cooking, both in your own kitchen and in the professional kitchen. Discover grill pans, roasters or ceramic pans in top quality that will rekindle your joy of cooking every day!

Berndes - pans, pots & Co - cookware for hobby chefs and professionals

Cooking, baking and frying at home and then sitting together in comfort over a delicious meal - cooking has long since become a popular hobby. Berndes pans and much more cookware such as braising pots, casseroles, cast-iron pots or a special crepes pan ensure double the fun with their high-quality workmanship. 

You are choosing products from a traditional company that can look back on a long history. Since 1921, Berndes has stood for high-quality cookware that not only hobby chefs but also professionals like to use. The company stands for innovation and inventiveness. For example, Berndes has always been one of the world's leading suppliers of non-stick coatings.
Whether cast-iron pots, a pot for induction, a crepes pan or a classic casserole: find the right Berndes pots and Berndes pans now for even more fun on the cooker!

The right cookware from Berndes for every stove

Do you have a gas cooker at home or do you cook on a ceramic glass cooktop, the classic electric hotplates or an induction cooktop? Whether cast-iron pots, a casserole or a stew pot: Berndes cookware is suitable for any type of cooker and isin many cases even ovenproof

In every item description, the matching symbols for compatibility with the various types of cooker will help you to make the right choice for your new Berndes pans and Berndes pots at a glance.
Induction hobs are becoming increasingly popular. They shine with their particularly fast heat development, but take on a special role when it comes to suitable cookware. Induction hobs work with magnetic currents that are converted into heat. This requires that the casserole, wok, saucepan or roaster has magnetically conductive properties in the base. This applies to cast-iron pots, for example. 

It's very simple to remember: if the base of your crockery is not magnetic, this pot is unfortunately not suitable for induction. It often happens that your current pot is not usable for induction and you have to stock up from the casserole to the crepes pan anew.
From induction pots to the right frying pan and roaster: at Berndes you will find a large selection of induction-suitable cookware. Depending on the model, this is often made of cast aluminium. Most Berndes pots, roasters, Berndes pans, cast-iron pots & Co are not only suitable for induction hobs, but also for gas hobs and glass ceramic hobs. Particularly practical: Berndes products, from the wok pan to the crepes pan and the casserole to the special pot for induction, are often even oven-safe as a practical addition.

Which Berndes pots and which Berndes pans are suitable for which food preparations?

Casserole, casserole, cast-iron pots, crepes pan or wok pan: what do you need in the kitchen and which cookware is suitable for which food preparations? 

The classic casserole as a pot for induction or other types of cooker must of course not be missing in any kitchen. A large pot for preparing spaghetti or stews is always a good choice and can be supplemented by several smaller Berndes pots.
A classic frying pan belongs in every kitchen. From fried eggs and fried potatoes to a quick steak, it can be used in a variety of ways. A special feature are the pans from the Alu Recycled Induction series, which are made from 100% recycled aluminium cans.  
As with the other cookware in this series, when you choose Alu Recycled Induction you are setting an innovative example for the sustainable use of resources.  

For those who like it sweet, add a Crepes pan, with its particularly flat edge. Not only can you conjure up delicious crepes in no time at all. The crepes pan is also ideal for omelettes or wraps.

For roast and braised dishes, a casserole pan is a good choice. This is a pot with a handle and a high rim. Browse Berndes for saucepans with non-stick coating, which are particularly suitable for low-fat and gentle frying. And speaking of roasting: for larger roast and braised dishes special roasters are a practical option. Depending on the model, roasters are much larger than a casserole and offer plenty of space, for example for the Sunday roast.
Many roasters from Berndes are equally suitable for gas, glass ceramic, electric and induction hobs as well as for use in the oven. In many cases, they are made of high-quality cast iron with a scratch-resistant enamel coating. This combination ensures resistance and a long shelf life and makes for many years of cooking pleasure.

A Braising pot is an alternative to the roaster and, for example, well suited for preparing a hearty goulash. The Berndes range also includes various woks. The Wok pan is the classic pan for Asian cuisine. It can be used to cook vegetables and meat over a high heat in a comparatively short cooking time. The slightly bulbous shape makes it particularly easy to turn the food in the wok pan.
In fact, the wok is a real all-rounder. Try using it for dishes that need to be fried, braised or steamed. In the Berndes range you will find woks in various sizes with or without lids. A wok pan with non-stick coating is particularly practical, as it allows for low-fat preparation without burningand perfectly supports healthy Asian cuisine.


From Berndes pans to Berndes pots to wok pans or the right pot for induction: browse now for high-quality cookware with a long tradition!