ALU RECYCLED INDUCTION - Naturally sustainable

We can watch it every day: Consumers are making increasingly environmentally and sustainability-oriented purchasing decisions. The debate about climate change, resource conservation and waste disposal has reached all levels of society, and is now shaping everyday life in both the private and political spheres - in short, all areas of life. It is a sign of the times that companies not only write clear intentions and positions, but also act!

Be green! is precisely this call to always implement the demand for sustainability in the market environment of cookware and household products.

b.green is the recognizable sign of our positioning. But it is more than a mark, more than a label.

b.green stands for the clear orientation of the BERNDES brand to take responsibility: For a reliable quality of our cookware that can be trusted without any ifs and buts. With respect for the environment, for a sustainable future.

b.nature sealing and packaging

For all product series, recycled aluminium is used as the raw material for the body of the ladle, no heavy metals, bisphenol A or PFOA or cadmium are used for sealing. Berndes takes the issue of sustainability seriously. And the packaging is not excluded from this either. The reduction of packaging material and the complete renunciation of composite materials are a further visible sign of b.green for trade and consumers.

And the BERNDES approach is holistic: BERNDES does not stop with the message b.green when the product is presented and sold. Rather, b.green is a clear call to consumers to act in this way when using BERNDES products themselves.

100% recycling

BERNDES products traditionally consist mainly of the raw material aluminium. For the first-time production of this metal alloy a very high energy input is necessary. However, the special properties of the material ensure excellent reusability in the material cycle - recycling.

It is therefore possible to recycle aluminium with only 5% of the original energy input, for reuse as a raw material for our ladle production.

For Berndes products, not only is it possible to dispense with primary aluminium additives as far as possible.

We concentrate on special qualities of so-called secondary aluminium and have received the UL Environment claim validation for this. Because with our Alu Recycled Induction series we go one step further: we use 100% recycled cans - food safe. This is not only good for the environment, we also achieve a particularly homogeneous consistency of the secondary aluminium with very good hardness properties.

Berndes actively supports the activities for the collection and further processing of the recyclable waste. For example, only 43 cans are required to create a new ladle from the material after a successful recycling process.

Serving Pan with glass lid b.green Alu Recycled Induction 24,4 cm


Frypan b.green Alu Recycled Induction 20,8 cm


Frypan b.green Alu Recycled Induction 15,2 cm


Frypan b.green Alu Recycled Induction 18,5 cm


High casserole with glass lid b.green Alu Recycled Induction 20,4 cm