Balance Induction Enduro

Hard, harder, Enduro: Balance® Induction Enduro

With the new Balance® Enduro Induction cookware range, Berndes presents a truly hammer-hard induction line. The name "Enduro" is derived from the Latin word "durare" (= to harden, to be hard) and the English term "endurance". Nomen est omen: The series scores with unsurpassed hardness and extreme durability. The innovative new feature is the non-stick coating with an absolutely resistant surface that sets new standards in terms of durability and robustness.

The latest technology and innovation combined!

Very hard silicon particles, among other things, give the seal its tangibly rough structure, which is supplemented with another layer for excellent non-stick properties. This makes it resistant to scratches, abrasion and corrosion. Perfect when things get a little rough at the cooker, even when using metal kitchen utensils.
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1. Reinforced non-stick intermediate layer with silicon carbide particles
2. High-performance non-stick top layer
3. Ceramic reinforced base layer

Are you looking for a pan for everyday use?

The combination of the innovative sealing with the sturdy cast aluminium body makes all products in the Balance® Enduro Induction series real all-rounders. The high-quality material makes optimum use of the energy from the cooker and distributes the heat quickly. The patented induction base can be used on all induction and other types of cooker. Another highlight is the design handle with soft-touch surface for a secure and comfortable grip. Convince yourself and buy your copy conveniently online.

4 years warranty

By the way: We are convinced of the quality of the BALANCE INDUCTION ENDURO series. That's why you get a four-year guarantee when you buy one of these products from Berndes!
Multiply your cooking possibilities and rely on a unique product innovation from Berndes that is second to none. Expand your kitchen inventory with this highlight from our range and buy the BALANCE INDUCTION ENDURO series here in the Berndes shop at a low price! If you have any further questions, just give us a call or send an email to: Berndes Quality makes the difference!