The new benchmark for coating: b.nature

Sometimes good is not good enough. We see ourselves as the most sustainable cookware brand and have been sealing specialists for over 100 years. So it's obvious that we should look into the matter in detail. The first version of a completely new coating was used in 2019. Because of the natural
We originally call it: b.nature

And since this year there has been an even improved version that puts all comparable seals in the shade. The unrivaled performance is also achieved thanks to a special application process, which we have therefore applied for a patent for.

Purely mineral: quartz, without PFAS

Quartz plays an important role in our sealing. At first glance, this natural raw material in our cookware looks like enamel
but much more:

Hotter faster

Due to the nature of the material, the seal has the ability to additionally heat food through radiant heat with more even and faster heat transfer.

Saves energy

Homogeneous layer ensures more even and faster heat transfer. This means you can cook food around 12% faster and at the same time use 12% less energy.

Extremely durable

Incredibly long-lasting non-stick performance (4x longer than classic ceramic sealants) and robust compared to metal kitchen utensils. This means you can enjoy your cookware for longer.

The crux of the matter when extracting aluminum

Despite the long-lasting end product, the production of primary aluminum is usually associated with various environmental damage. Primary aluminum is the metal obtained from bauxite (aluminum ore) - without any recycled content. Even if only renewable energy were used for processing, there would still be dangers such as the resulting red mud.

We therefore rely on secondary aluminum that we reuse to produce cookware and therefore do not use any raw materials, but rather use the metals that are already in circulation.

Canned frying pans | We save the primary aluminum

We want to make sustainable cookware. Something that lasts a long time, something that protects the environment and the climate. As a durable metal, old aluminum is ideal for this. Recycled aluminum also helps us save CO₂ and energy and avoid toxic waste from ore processing. That's why our pans are made exclusively from recycled beverage cans.

And the whole thing is so green:

Recycled aluminum saves around 7 tons of CO² per 1,000 kilograms of material.

Recycling requires less electrical energy. Reuse saves approx. 95% energy! 16 recycled cans save enough energy to run a pizza oven for 1 hour.

In nature, a discarded can takes 100 years before it rots. We prefer to use every can to make new pans and pots.

The quality when recycling aluminum cans is always consistent. This means that the material can be used again and again and not CONSUMED. So ideal for our cookware.

A small selection of sustainable products