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Berndes - Quality makes the differences since 1921

Buy a pan? Better with Berndes!

As a traditional company, we are proud of ours
Root. However, as a modern company, we also reflect on this
diverse possibilities that technological progress offers us. The
You can tell by our innovative coated pans and our cookware.
We season sophisticated materials with the perfect amount
Sauerlander tradition awareness and garnish everything with passion,
Expertise and drive for innovation. Buy a pan? Better with Berndes!

Scratched frying pan? Coating
in the mouth? Yum!

Nothing comes off our pans except this
golden crust of your fragrant fried potatoes. Whether vegan, veggie or
classic – you decide! Seared, braised or steamed
All dishes can be easily removed from our sealed pans, thanks to this
our incomparable testing process.

Create steaks with a delicious crust and
exquisite roasted aromas or refine the juicy pancakes according to grandma's recipe
with a perfect complexion. Caramelize sugar? Roast nuts? Dishwasher?
Clear! Our cookware is durable and can do (almost) anything.

The Berndes Quick Fact | Pan
recoat? You don't need it!

Our coatings are not just that
durable. Choose our b.nature series and you will receive
Cookware that gets better with every use. We invite you, you
to convince yourself. | Your first with Berndes
Buy a sustainable frying pan

We make your environmental awareness Michelin-worthy!

Get them with our unique cookware
Bring haute cuisine into your home and do something for the environment
Resource protection. Try it out: Buy one of our pans now
and give your dishes an environmentally conscious topping - without any
Extra ingredients. Sounds good, right?

We provide the cookware from our range
based on recycled aluminum cans. Up to 64 cans will be available for ours
Use pans, pots or roasters. For example in our Alu
Recycled induction cooking pot with glass lid in black and a
Base diameter of 24 cm.

We love greens! And you?

Buy quartz-sealed frying pans now!

Your meat-free dishes will be really good
the sealing of our b.nature pans. For example in our casserole dish
Veggie White Induction with a base diameter of 28 cm. The surface
Natural quartz is bright white and helps you determine the cooking point of your
To determine rabbit food exactly. Feast on broccoli like you've never tasted it before
were allowed to try.

Bernde’s Quick Tip | The
b.nature broccoli bomb

It is fried with a little oil, salt and almond slivers
Broccoli is a delicious vegan snack. The best: The quartz seal
Our b.nature range is not only free of PFAS, nickel and other toxins.
It never loses any of its non-stick effect. Fantastic, right?

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