Berndes | A long story of innovation told quickly

Germany, North Rhine-Westphalia, Arnsberg. The year is 1921. Heinrich Berndes founded a company that would continue to bear the visionary's surname for many decades to come. Heinrich Berndes is driven by the idea of ​​rethinking something very everyday: cookware! Innovation, functionality and high quality have been the premises under which Berndes produces pots, pans, roasters and the like for over a hundred years.

Urge for innovation right from the start

What is happening today in our high-tech laboratories and workshops began to gain momentum on a smaller scale starting in 1950 and with the company's thirtieth anniversary. Scientific and mechanical tests with the working materials led to a novelty around 25 years later.

1921 - 2021

100 years of Berndes

Find out more about the 100-year history of Berndes and start a little journey through time.

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