Our sustainability mission is different: Thinking green differently

We are a company that has deep roots in one of the most beautiful areas in Germany. Oh, what are we telling you – it’s the most beautiful place in the world. The Sauerland! Here we can feel the consequences of human intervention in nature first hand: tree death, heat waves, parched soil.

That's why we're doing something about it!

Berndes: There is responsibility involved

Cookware offers high potential for ecological production. We are using this opportunity to become the most sustainable cookware brand with sensible measures. That's a big goal, but we can take comprehensive action now to become greener. But what does that mean specifically?

This is how we do it: The Berndes Green Facts

We use our entire range to position Berndes as a brand for the most sustainable cookware of all time.

Less plastic & waste

through innovative packaging design & series such as b.perfect & b.free

Natural sealing

No PFAS such as PTFE, PFOA & Co. And of course without lead, without cadmium & without bisphenol A

Less aluminum scrap

through durable cookware and the use of recycled raw materials such as secondary aluminum

Social responsibility

We manufacture in accordance with the social certification standard SA8000, for society and our employees.

Less plastic

We do not use significant amounts of plastic in the b.perfect, b.free series and all products that can be used with the Vario Click handle. The removable Vario Click handle can be used for any compatible product. The b.free series also completely avoids the use of plastics. It is made exclusively from recycled aluminum.

With our b.perfect product line, we were able to win the Kitchen Innovation Award again in 2023. We received a special award for the criteria “resource conservation” and “recycled raw materials”.

No PFAS such as PTFE, PFOA & CO

PFAS – the forever chemicals – have been appearing more and more frequently in negative headlines in recent years. No wonder, because these substances are not only harmful, but also extremely long-lasting. They remain in the environment for a long time and accumulate in the human body. These so-called per- and polyfluorinated alkyl compounds can now be detected in almost every person. We do not use any of these substances. Berndes remains PFAS-free!

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Without heavy metals & bisphenol A

Cadmium and lead are also harmful to the environment and pose a serious health risk. We therefore completely avoid both heavy metals. Likewise for plasticizers such as bisphenol A.

Less aluminum scrap

Under natural conditions, aluminum takes a long time to decompose. This process takes between 100 and 500 years. That's why we make our pan bodies from beverage cans. This is how we can reduce aluminum scrap. By producing very durable cookware, we also avoid creating a lot of aluminum scrap ourselves. You simply use a Berndes pan for longer.

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All information about aluminum and can recycling is also available in our flip-through e-paper.

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b.green: Alu Recycled & Alu Recycled Oven

Our Alu Recycled and Alu Recycled Oven series are made from 100% recycled aluminum. By using aluminum beverage cans as a source of raw materials and our unique b.nature quartz seal, we have given both series our b.green rating.

Recycled aluminum saves around 7 tons of CO² per 1,000 kilograms of material.

Recycling requires less electrical energy. Reuse saves approx. 95% energy! 16 recycled cans save enough energy to run a pizza oven for 1 hour.

In nature, a discarded can takes 100 years before it rots. We prefer to use every can to make new pans and pots.

The quality when recycling aluminum cans is always consistent. This means that the material can be used again and again and not CONSUMED. So ideal for our cookware.

Award for sustainability management

In recognition of our commitment to sustainability
and environmental protection, the Berndes brand was included
of the Ökoprofit project. Ökoprofit means “ecological project for integrated environmental technology”
and is a program that helps companies make their operations more environmentally friendly
design. Through targeted measures and optimizations
Resources are saved, emissions are reduced and
Increased ecological efficiency – an important step forward
the path to a sustainable future.


Some of our products made from recycled material with a natural quartz seal