Sauté pan 28 cm, aluminum, black - b.perfect

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Kurz & Knapp:
  • Note: No removable handle yet? Please buy separately or as a bundle.
  • Energy saving: Patented sealing saves approx. 12% energy!
  • healthy & sustainable: natural quartz, without PFAS/PTFE, robust with long-lasting non-stick effect
  • Environmentally conscious: One handle for all = less plastic, suitable for many products, space-saving

Information about the product

Sauté pan with a high edge and a straight shape, made from forged aluminum with a cast aluminum look and a high material thickness for a long service life and good heat distribution. The removable handle (sold separately) allows for space-saving storage and use in the oven. The full-surface induction base ensures optimal heat distribution on all types of stoves, also perfectly suitable for multi-zone induction hobs. Another highlight is the PFAS-free quartz sealing b.nature, which is characterized by its excellent non-stick effect.

With the b.perfect series, Berndes is tackling new concepts that fit perfectly into Berndes' sustainable focus. B.perfect offers all consumers the opportunity to support Berndes in this approach.
What is new here is the idea of ​​how the pan or a pot is sold: the pan and handle, but also the pot and lid are bought separately. A removable handle is sufficient for all products with a handle, so that you no longer have to purchase a new handle when you buy a second pan. This saves 50% resources and material as well as the cost of the handle. There will be great joy later in the kitchen when you realize how extremely practical the one removable handle can be. Not only does it save an incredible amount of space in the cupboard, but you can also use the pan in the oven at any time. It's similar with the lid, which can either be found in the kitchen in the right size, or alternatively it can be purchased separately and thus helps save energy! That's not all, with the new b.nature quartz sealing you can save up to 12% energy compared to a normal non-stick coating! In addition, the b.nature sealing is PFAS and PFOA-free, meaning it only consists of mineral components and is therefore particularly robust and highly heat-resistant.

Backofengeeignet Can be used without restrictions (without handle) / with handle or lid max. 140 °C
Backofengeeignet Ja
Bodendurchmesser in cm 23.2
Bodentechnologie Full surface induction floor
Deckel Lidless
Farbe black
Garantie 4 years
Gewicht in kg 1.49
Griffanbindung removable / Vario Click technology
Griffart removable stem
Größe in cm 28
Höhe in cm (ohne Deckel & Stiel) 7.8
Induktionsgeeignet Yes
Lieferzeit approx. 1-3 working days
Material Aluminum, impact forged
Produktkategorie All-rounder
Serie b.perfect
Versieglung b.nature quartz sealing
Volumen in L 4.00

Top seal & removable handle = b.perfect

The pans and pots from our b.perfect series are unique. This cookware features the best non-stick coating we know of. Does that sound like a fairy tale? Read on and find out how quartz helps your b.perfect cookware last longer. Another innovation: a removable handle allows you to cook in the oven.

What was it like: b.perfect, b.nature, b.confused?

We'll give you a helping hand. Every pan and pot from the b.perfect series has the b.nature seal made of quartz. That's it already. In addition, many models of b.perfect cookware have a removable handle. First of all, let's talk about the b.nature quartz sealing.

Simply better: the b.nature quartz sealing

Our b.nature quartz sealing has a longer-lasting non-stick effect. Cleaning in the dishwasher? Clear! Stainless steel cooking utensils? Yes, of couse! Use the b.perfect cookware very intuitively. The non-stick effect will last for a long time.

Saves energy

At the same time, you can save up to 12% energy thanks to the excellent thermal conductivity of the seal*. The composition and application of the b.nature quartz sealing as well as our application process make the difference.
*compared to a PTFE pan.

Vario Click: Your best buddy in the kitchen

To use our b.perfect products in the oven and to save space, you can simply remove the handle of the b.perfect pans. The Vario Click system is compatible with the saucepan, the wok pan as well as the braising and universal pan and has a number of advantages:

  • Sustainable: Just one handle for your cookware = less CO₂ & less plastic
  • Hot pan in the oven - cool handle to take out
  • Space-saving loading of the dishwasher
  • Only buy once: The removable handle fits all b.perfect & Vario Click products
  • No adventurous towers of pots and pans in the cupboard

b.perfect: The pan for all types of stoves

Admittedly, most of our cookware is suitable for both induction and all other types of cookers. Nevertheless, we have to emphasize again at this point: you can use the cooking and saucepan as well as the serving, universal, wok and sauté pan from the b.perfect series on all hobs. You can also use them in the oven and simply use the dishwasher to clean them. Really strong!

b.nature: We tested it!

How do we know that b.nature makes our pots and pans super-durable and energy-saving? Our unique CAMUT test procedure tells us!

With one of only two CAMUT machines in existence in the world, we can test the use of our cookware under extreme conditions. We also tested that b.nature even holds up well to stainless steel cookware.

b.perfect pots & pans without PFAS!

We are always committed to making products more environmentally friendly. That's why we also use recycled aluminum from beverage cans in our b.perfect pans and pots . On top of that, we only use materials that meet the requirements for food use:

  • Free from per- and polyfluorinated alkyl compounds (PFAS, such as PTFE, PFOA & Co)
  • Nickel free
  • Free from raw materials containing cadmium
  • Lead free
  • Free from bisphenol A