Baking mold set, 2-piece, cake mold round 26 cm + quiche/tart mold round 30 cm, aluminum, recycled, gray - Eco Recycle+

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Information about the product

In this 2-piece set we bundle a round cake or casserole dish with a diameter of 26 cm and a quiche or tart dish into one set. Made from recycled aluminum cans and provided with a non-stick coating (PFOA-free) for perfect baking results. This also makes subsequent cleaning child's play. Use the set to prepare sweet cakes, savory tarts or let your cooking imagination run wild.

Berndes has been offering cookware made from recycled materials for a long time. We are probably the first to produce oven and baking tins from 100% recycled cans - food-safe and certified. This is not only good for the environment, it also allows us to achieve a particularly homogeneous consistency of the secondary aluminum with very good hardness properties. Berndes actively supports the activities for collecting and processing recyclable waste.

Farbe Gray
Gewicht in kg 0.52
Größe in cm 26, 30
Höhe in cm (ohne Deckel & Stiel) 6 | 3.4
Lieferzeit approx. 1-3 working days
Volumen in L 2.8 | 2

Your baking pan from the Alu Recycled Oven series

Our label is only awarded to products that are sustainably produced and long-lasting. The aluminum baking pans from the Alu Recycled Oven series meet exactly these two criteria. We make the molds from 100% recycled aluminum, which comes from beverage cans. All products in this series have a non-stick coating - for perfect baking results and easy cleaning.

No primary aluminum: the baking pan from the can

We make our Alu Recycled Oven baking tins from aluminum cans. This guarantees us high-quality aluminum from a sustainable source. Win-win, right? However, it gets even better. We reduce waste through recycling and this reduces our energy requirements for processing to up to 5% compared to processing aluminum ore.

Alu Recycled Oven is robust

Do you want to really turn up the oven? Sure, no problem! Your aluminum recycled oven baking pan can withstand temperatures up to 230 °C. After baking, you can put the mold in the dishwasher without feeling guilty. The silver-grey non-stick coating is robust and can withstand intensive rinsing without causing any injuries.

Best baking results

Do you know the problem: freshly baked bread or cake won't come out of the mold? Don't worry about it any longer, our oven tins perform excellently thanks to their non-stick coating. You can heat it up to 230°C and it retains its properties for a long time. This makes your aluminum recycled oven baking pan sustainable thanks to its longevity.

Pssst. A gift tip.

How about a beautiful and sustainable gift idea? By not using primary aluminum, we save up to 95% energy in the production of your aluminum baking pan and reduce waste. In addition, the non-stick coating we use is free of PFOA. Like all of our products, your new baking pan is manufactured according to the specifications for food use.

  • Without nickel
  • Without PFAS & Co
  • Without materials containing cadmium
  • Without lead
  • Without bisphenol A