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Roaster/cooking pot 31x24 cm, oval, cast iron, black/gray - b.iron

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Kurz & Knapp:
  • Extremely durable: high-quality cast iron with scratch-resistant enamel for cooking or baking
  • Variable & heat retaining: saves energy, perfect for stove, fire or oven
  • Pure taste: natural materials and lids preserve flavors, nutrients and water vapor
  • 100% plastic-free: Each product is packed in a JUTE bag, see video at the end of the page.

Information about the product

The oval cooking pot measuring 31x24 cm is a real giant with its 6 liter capacity and is suitable for normal cooking, braising or baking. A universal talent for cooking dishes all year round! The cast iron material with cream-white enamel on the inside is a robust combination that is also easy to care for and clean. Suitable for all types of stoves, oven, fire or grill. An additional, flat support ring ensures more stability on the stove.

Iron hard good - the Berndes series bi.iron. Our grandmothers used cast iron pots and pans, and with good care our grandchildren can do the same. Of course, our b.iron series also consists of a large proportion of recycled material, which is mandatory for Berndes' sustainability standards. In addition, cast iron retains heat for a long time and releases it evenly, which saves a lot of energy when cooking. Our b.iron products are perfect for braising. Once seared, a delicious roast can cook in its own juice for a long time, because the aromatic noses on the inside of the lid condense water vapor and drip evenly back into the pot. But not only juicy roasts or crispy fried things in the pan, bread can also be baked in our bi.iron pots. Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside - perfect. In addition, with b.iron you don't have to rely on the stove in your home kitchen; the products can withstand the heat of a campfire and provide very special moments of enjoyment - Bernde's specials.

Backofengeeignet can be used without restrictions
Backofengeeignet Ja
Bodendurchmesser in cm 23.9x16.5
Bodentechnologie Full surface induction base, fast heat
Deckel Cast lid with aroma dots
Farbe black/gray
Garantie 8 years
Gewicht in kg 6.50
Griffanbindung cast on
Griffart Side handles
Größe in cm 31x24
Höhe in cm (ohne Deckel & Stiel) 14.1
Induktionsgeeignet Yes
Lieferzeit approx. 1-3 working days
Material Cast iron
Produktkategorie Special offers
Serie b.iron
Versieglung enamel
Volumen in L 6.0

b.iron cast iron: Hard meets smart

Cast iron is old hat? With b.iron, Berndes has given traditional cast iron cookware a high-quality, modern enamel finish. This is where established materials meet new and innovative processing methods. The result: Multidimensional sustainability, highly functional properties, unique design!

Eisenhart: We'll even beat your grandma

Stop! Before the word gets out: As a rule, we don't fight with older women. However, our b.iron cookware is unbeatable. Of course we know that nothing beats grandma's cooking skills. But with Berndes products, even these dishes would be even better. Do not you think? Give it a try! For example with the b.iron grill pan on your (!) grill.

b.iron is sustainable

As a traditional company, we know where our roots are and know old values. However, as a future-proof company, we also see the need for significantly more sustainability. The b.iron series meets this need with long-lasting products made from up to 70% recycled materials and harmless raw materials in combination with proven properties.

On-Top: Our b.iron products reach the desired temperature for frying more quickly and maintain it longer. This also saves resources.

Lasts a lifetime

A bi.iron product remains! This is what we promise you with our extended warranty of 8 years and our conscientious production. You have to buy less cookware, thereby producing less waste and making the simplest contribution to resource conservation since cookware existed.

Highly functional on all types of stoves

You can use the cast iron pots, cocottes and cast iron pans from Berndes not only on your glass ceramic hob or in the oven. The bi.iron cookware is also suitable for gas, halogen and induction devices. It's so sturdy that you can even take it outside in the summer. Not as a sun hat, but for delicious grilled vegetables from the charcoal or gas grill.

No more dishwashing horror

You know it: the roast has been simmering extensively. However, after the long cooking time, your roasting pan has almost melted into the gravy. Now you've eaten, you're relaxed and comfortably full. Then it occurs to you – the washing up.

However, the enamel coating on our cast iron roasters is easy to clean and ensures an absolutely stress-free cooking experience right up to the end - without any makeshift scratching with a knife.

Natural material

We don't just want to work on saving our CO₂ emissions. The materials we use comply with the specifications for food use and are also:

  • free from per- and polyfluorinated alkyl compounds
    (PFAS, like PFOA & Co)
  • free of nickel
  • free of raw materials containing cadmium
  • free of lead
  • free of bisphenol A

Packed 100% plastic-free

You have probably already read that sustainability is particularly important to us. That's why you get every b.iron product carefully packaged in a JUTE bag.

Continue using the box for storage! If the Berndes print bothers you, simply fold the box inside out. 😉

You can also continue to use the jute bag: for shopping for fruit and vegetables or for storing your shoes when traveling. We think it's just great! 🤩