Oval stainless steel roaster, non-stick 38 x 25.5 cm, stainless steel, polished

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Now even bigger - the oval stainless steel roaster with non-stick coating:

BERNDES roasting pans are real all-rounders and undeservedly spend most of the year in the cupboard! It's not just a roaster, because you can also use it to cook in a classic way if you need something more. With both parts (roasting pan and lid) you can fry and braise food on the stove, but also cook it in the oven to perfection.

The roaster made of nickel-free special stainless steel has a non-stick coating for low-fat roasting. This means nothing sticks and cleaning is also easy.
The lid can easily be used as a roasting pan lid or as an oval or rectangular serving pan on the stove.

Lid height: 6.1 cm
Roaster height: 12.9 cm

Backofengeeignet Use in the oven up to max. 260 °C
Backofengeeignet Ja
Bodendurchmesser in cm 32.8 x 20.8 (lid: 28.9 x 17.8)
Bodentechnologie InductionPlus capsule base
Deckel Stainless steel lid
Farbe polished
Garantie 4 years
Gewicht in kg 4.13
Griffanbindung welded
Griffart Side handles
Größe in cm 38x25.5
Höhe in cm (ohne Deckel & Stiel) 12.9 + 6.1
Induktionsgeeignet Yes
Lieferzeit approx. 1-3 working days
Material stainless steel
Produktkategorie Special offers
Versieglung Non-stick coating
Volumen in L 8.5

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