Veggie wok 28 cm, aluminum, recycled, gray -

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Information about the product

Wok pan made from a successful combination of recycled aluminum from cans, our environmentally friendly b.nature quartz sealing and a double-riveted stainless steel handle. The appearance scores with a natural look that even professional chefs would be impressed with. refers to an environmentally conscious product range that is primarily free of plastic. In addition, 100% recycled aluminum from cans with a solid material thickness is used for the pan body. We do not use colored paint on the outside, and our latest generation b.nature quartz sealing is used on the inside. As usual, this consists of natural raw materials and is completely water-based, meaning it is also free of substances such as PFOA or PFAS. This seal also sets new standards in terms of resistance and non-stick effect. Compared to ceramic seals, our b.nature seal offers a long-term non-stick effect. The smooth surface is therefore suitable for all foods and is also more robust than a normal non-stick coating. But that's not all: Compared to a classic non-stick coating, b.nature can save approx. 12% energy due to more effective heat radiation when cooking! And no matter what stove the pan is used on, it works perfectly, even in the oven!

Backofengeeignet can be used without restrictions
Backofengeeignet Ja
Bodendurchmesser in cm 14.2
Bodentechnologie Full surface induction floor
Deckel Lidless
Farbe Gray
Garantie 4 years
Gewicht in kg 1.17
Griffanbindung double riveted
Griffart Stainless steel handle
Größe in cm 28
Induktionsgeeignet Yes
Lieferzeit approx. 1-3 working days
Material Aluminum recycled from cans
Produktkategorie Special
Versieglung b.nature quartz sealing
Volumen in L 3.60

No plastic, no PFAS & no compromises

Get ready for the jack of all trades among kitchen utensils. No product from Berndes offers you more eco-friendly thanks to recycled aluminum, more non-stick thanks to the b.nature quartz coating and more practicality. Buy an aluminum pan from our series and experience what superiority feels like.

Berndes' greenest pan made from 100% aluminum cans

Do you know what primary aluminum is? This is aluminum, which is made from bauxite (an ore). This results in many tons of toxic waste and a gigantic amount of energy being used. We have reduced this aluminum to a minimum in our ranges. Without primary aluminum

For the series we only use aluminum cans. You read that right. The can you recently drank from could now be in your aluminum pan. Recycling these cans saves the world from harmful chemicals and reduces the energy required for processing by up to 95%.

b.nature: Natural quartz sealing

With the b.nature quartz seal from our series, you will never have to recoat your pan again. In addition, you don't run the risk of eating the coating at some point. How do we know this?

We tested the pans intensively using our CAMUT process. We have also found that with this quartz seal you save up to 12% of energy when cooking*.
*compared to a PTFE coated pan.

No plastic & no PFAS

The products from our series do not use plastic at all. The handle is made of double-riveted stainless steel. Even the packaging contains minimal plastic. The main component is FSC-certified cardboard. In addition to plastic, we also avoid PFAS and other questionable chemicals. With a clear conscience and in accordance with the specifications for food use, we produce the series without using the following substances:

  • Per- and polyfluorinated alkyl compounds (PFAS, such as PFOA & Co)
  • nickel
  • Raw materials containing cadmium
  • Lead
  • Bisphenol A

Includes pan protection

You can use the packaging of the products as a practical pan protector after opening. It is designed to provide excellent protection for the inside of your cookware when stacked. This way you avoid blemishes and scratches. Clever, right?

Video shows the use of packaging using the example of the “Alu Recycled” series. aluminum pans for all types of stoves

Simply use our products on all types of stoves. Do you have a halogen stove? The pans work great here too. They are also compatible with your induction, gas and glass ceramic hobs. Since there is not a gram of plastic on the aluminum pans, you can use this cookware in your oven without any restrictions.