Wok pan 28 or 30 cm, aluminum, recycled, black - - Alu Recycled

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Information about the product

With the Alu Recycled Induction cookware series you are setting an example for the sustainable use of resources!

The wok body is made from 100% recycled aluminum cans (52 pieces) and is therefore not only good for the environment, but also high quality and food safe.
By using recycled, so-called secondary aluminum, a particularly homogeneous consistency with optimal hardness properties is achieved.
The ergonomic design plastic handle guarantees comfortable handling and is particularly safe thanks to the double screw connection

b.nature sealing:
In addition, the pan is coated with our new b.nature quartz sealing, which guarantees an aroma-neutral and genuine taste as well as crispy searing and gentle cooking for the ingredients.
The combination of sealing and aluminum ensures efficient heat transfer.
For a small ecological footprint with maximum enjoyment!
Even after the pan has been disposed of, it can be recycled at any time.

100% recycled cans are used - food-safe. This is not only good for the environment, it also allows us to achieve a particularly homogeneous consistency of the secondary aluminum with very good hardness properties. Berndes actively supports the activities for collecting and processing recyclable waste.

Backofengeeignet Verwendung im Backofen bis max. 160 °C
Backofengeeignet Ja
Bodendurchmesser in cm 17
Bodentechnologie Induktions-Netzboden mit Schutzversiegelung
Deckel Ohne Deckel
Farbe schwarz
Garantie 4 Jahre
Griffanbindung doppelt verschraubt
Griffart Design-Kunststoffstiel
Größe in cm 28
Höhe in cm (ohne Deckel & Stiel) 7,5
Induktionsgeeignet Ja
Sofort versandfertig, Lieferzeit 48h
Material Aluminium, recycelt aus Dosen
Serie Alu Recycled
Versieglung b.nature Quarz-Versiegelung
Volumen in L 3,6

Aluminum Recycled Induction meets

It doesn't matter whether you have an electric, gas, glass ceramic, halogen or induction cooker. Use our Alu Recycled Induction series in every kitchen. We have awarded these sustainable pans and pots our label. The cookware is environmentally friendly and a real performer in your kitchen. Read on to find out how we made this happen.

Alu Recycled: Sustainable pans & pots made from beverage cans

Producing several series from 100% of an already used recyclable material was a big step. But we would do it again and again. Just like our series, the pots and pans from the Alu Recycled Induction series are made entirely from the aluminum of commercially available beverage cans.

Is that necessary?

Yes! This is absolutely necessary. As a manufacturer of sustainable cookware, we have the responsibility, but also the opportunity, to avoid or eliminate large amounts of waste through recycling. Recycling aluminum is also less harmful to the climate than new production.

Ferromagnetic induction mesh base

As robust as the aluminum we use is, the innovative features of our aluminum recycled induction products with the label are just as versatile. The induction mesh base is provided with oxidation protection so that corrosion has no chance. The induction mesh base is a patented feature that can only be found on our cookware. This means you can use all pots and pans on any stove, including induction, without restrictions.

Sustainable pans without PFAS

Sure, saving CO₂ is super sustainable. But do you already know about PFAS? These chemicals are sought-after additives in the production of plastics and especially non-stick coatings. They are extremely persistent when they get into nature and are harmful to humans and animals. We do not use them and only use materials that meet the requirements for food use:

  • No per- and polyfluorinated alkyl compounds (PFAS, such as PFOA, PTFE & Co)
  • No nickel
  • No raw materials containing cadmium
  • No lead
  • No bisphenol A
More information about PFAS

Berndes takes responsibility

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